Services Co-Owners associations & Owners

We use a small antenna on the roof of the building or deliver a dedicated Optic fiber. This installation offers real advantages which should satisfy the majority of the co-owners.
We propose plans that are adapted to every type of needs.
Every apartment can benefit from it, individually and / or on request.
We dispatch the broadband eather threw:

  • the existing, TV coaxial system:
    • This allows the access to this service for a modest cost and can include a video on demand service.
  • And/Or by via WIFI hotspots installed on every floor.

Once logged in a first time, the occasional occupants can connect directly on our hotspots along the Riviera by getting a free pass, day pass, week pass, or a month pass. As for the permanent residents, they can benefit from an annual Pass at attractive prices, avoiding them subscribing for the same duration with other dearer and less performant carriers.


  • Subscription on demand and without commitment of duration
  • Access to the fast broadband
  • Connection along French Riviera
  • Accessible to the vacation rental: satisfied foreign Tenants
  • Considerable savings for the residents and the owners.
  • Consultation of cameras of remote security, téléassistance, Video on demand, etc.
  • Increase the rent or the sale of your property



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