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Riviera Media, the custom Advertising Platform... 

Our solution is designed for small local businesses and famous Brands, it gives you the opportunity in real time, to promote for example all your shopping display through our Wifi media networks.

Threw their, the users devices (smartphone, laptop, screen, TV, etc ...) whether they are holiday, local or professional customers, benefit from a free of charge internet connection.

Our networks are composed of users who are maybe already your customers, so you could communicate with them or receive the attention of those who could become some new ones.

Riviera Media, is the mobile and fixed wireless network that becomes the best "audio - visual" custom advertising and promotion channel.

All event campaigns become accessible, visible in the world, by the users / consumers are geotargeted and filtered.

You’ll offer to your campaign a richer segmented and qualified audience and thus your campaigns will have a much greater impact on the consumer because they will be more receptive.

The "Street marketing " and the " proximity marketing " take a real sense here. Our advertising wifi support finally opens you the doors to a world that is changing, with innovative referencing choices and consumer habits.

Riviera Media offers a number of physical and virtual space , having no limit your imagination , where you can interact with the consumer, and that , day and night, whether traveling or at home, work , etc ...


Riviera Media allows you to communicate on demand:
  • All hots spots (wireless access point) of the Riviera Connect network for example.
    (Motorway rest area, airport area, the main boulevards of the cities, the already equipped Riviera coast, etc ...)
  • All Riviera Connect local users (Individual and professional, local stores, etc ...)
  • All mobile users Riviera Connect (Individual and professional travelers, seminarians, etc ...)
  • All Riviera Connect users targeted by your specifications. (Profession, age, gender, geographical location in real time, etc ...)
  • Global and referenced Geolocation and targeted consumers (Sends advertising spot on arrival at his place of usual residence, the stop-over airport, etc ...)
  • International, National and / or Regional geographicly future based hotspots and those on our existing network that is constantly growing. (In all areas with a high density on the PACA region and Var, mainly seafront and town center.)
  • Promotion points during a specific coming event or last minute infos sport events, buisiness events, lounge venues, conferences, Tourist Offices, regional festivals, city informations ...)
  • Interaction with the end consumer weather he’s connected to our network or not.

Increase the popularity of your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc)
Increase the popularity of your Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in etc)
Trust your imagination, the possibilities are endless ...